Restorative Counseling Services, LLC

"Changing the World One Family at a Time"

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Restorative Counseling Services, LLC (RCS) is  fundraising to help close the gap of individuals not able to receive counseling services due to the inability to pay.  Our agency serves families  and individuals from ages 3 and up.  For the past year I have personally set aside funds to help individuals who were unable to pay for counseling. However, since the pandemic those funds have been depleted and we need your help!

We specialize in several areas such as play therapy, juvenile sexual offenders, trauma, and cognitive behavioral therapy and more.  

In these trying times during this pandemic, we understand mental health is being affected just as much as our physical health and we are here to serve. 

Our purpose
We are committed to the wellness of individuals, families, and the community through education, intervention, effective treatment, and prevention.