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We all know romantic relationships are hard work. Like cars, they require regular maintenance to keep them running well and if there is a problem, it’s best to have it repaired right away to avoid further complications down the road. Often we can do some of the basic maintenance and even some of the repairs ourselves and things turn out okay. Other times though, despite our best efforts, we need to rely on a professional to take a look at things and give us a hand.

It is interesting (and also disheartening) how easily and quickly we take such steps to repair or prevent damage to our vehicles, but when it comes to the things we tend to value the most in life, our relationships, we often avoid taking action until things have become much more serious and may even be beyond repair.

Unfortunately, many couples do present to couples therapy when a significant amount of damage has already been done- maladaptive relational patterns have become entrenched, the emotional bond between partners has been severely weakened, there is a high level of resentment due to unresolved past conflicts, and the list can go on.

Research indicates that the average couple is unhappy for SIX YEARS before seeking couples counseling. 

Don't let this be you! The clinicians at RCS can help you get where you need to be. So before you consider "trading in" that significant other for a new one, let us see if we can help you restore what has been damaged.

Couples Counseling